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You Do Not Want to Be this Fantasy Football Guy

If you have played any type of fantasy sports, especially Fantasy Football.  You have inevitably had a guy whose total draft preparation consisted of a magazine printed back in July who shows up about 5 minutes before the league draft begins.  He bustles into the room, immediately begins to ask about this player or that player’s status. He complains the draft time limit per pick is just not enough. Your league draft is live and uses an online league such as or

He hurriedly fans through the 3-month-old magazine, runs out of time and gets stuck with the next available player…Kenneth Dixon. He drafts an injured player who is now on injured reserve (IR) or a recently retired player such as Anquan Boldin. He drafts a suspended player like Doug Martin. Maybe he drafts someone who has fallen down the depth chart and then everyone laughs at him because the actual starter was taken the round before. At the end of the draft, this same guy blames the league for not providing him with enough information about the players.

The Fantasy Football Guy Everyone Loves to Hate

Of course, at the opposite end of “That Guy” is the guy who has fully planned his draft before his first pick is ever made. He knows whether his strategy will be “Zero-RB” or “Zero-WR” or best player available or any combination thereof. This guy knows how many running backs or wide receivers he wants in the first three rounds, how long he’s waiting for his quarterback and he keeps a team by team draft sheet of each league owner’s picks during the draft. To be perfectly concise, being prepared is a very good thing and there are a lot of great strategies that will work. Having a well-prepared draft strategy does work and gives you the best chance to have a successful season.

I’ve been this guy, a matter of fact, I’m still this guy. However, you have to be flexible and you have to make split decisions on players immediately. Don’t worry about what the other guys think in your league, it’s your fantasy football team…Listed below are the top ten tips that everyone should follow regardless of your secret draft strategy. Whether you utilize Zero-RB or Zero-WR or Zero-whatever” these tips always apply.  Your preparation typically leads to fantasy football success which makes you the guy everyone loves to hate.

Top Ten Draft Day Tips

  1. Wait on a quarterback!  Unless Rodgers/Brady are around in the 4-5 round, steer clear.  Let someone else draft those guys in the 2-3 round.  Give me Cousins, Dalton, Rivers or Stafford later in the draft.
  2. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy run at any skill position.  If QB’s are going and you’re not ready to take one…then don’t.
  3. Never worry about bye weeks.  You want the best player available when it’s your turn to pick.  That’s why we have the waiver wire.  Make sure you use it!!!
  4. WR is deep, again this year.  Stack up on RB’s.  Early and often! Heavy-RB early gives you a lot of upside.
  5. On the flipside with RB’s, If you don’t have a top-two pick and you see six-plus running backs taken in the first round, don’t just take any RB to get one.  Remember, I want the best player available.  If RB’s are off the board that quick, then grab those Elite WR’s and get your RB’s a bit later.  I’ll take Danny Woodhead, Bilal Powell, Theo Riddick, etc.  
  6. TE’s get overvalued. Give me Hunter Henry, Zach Ertz, Martellus Bennett, Jack Doyle or even Austin Hooper in the late rounds.  I want those RB/WR’s first.
  7. Rounds 1-7 are critical, don’t get rushed.  Know your time limit!
  8. Know your league rules!.is it Standard, PPR, Best Ball…2QB’s? Flex? If you don’t know where to find the rules, ask your league commissioner…he/she better know.
  9. **BE FLEXIBLE with your strategy on Draft Day**
  10. *Enjoy, Relax and have Fun!!!

Don Phelps is Senior Fantasy Analyst/Writer/Editor for and a man who wants to welcome beginners of all stripes to fantasy football. He remembers making RGIII his QB pick in fantasy football in round 13 during RGIII’s rookie campaign in the highly competitive Pluckers Expert Draft League. He was scorned and ridiculed all the way up to week 1 of the season. However, he was reaping the rewards as RGIII led his highly vaulted Red Zone Hooligans to fantasy glory. Send him your fantasy football questions on Twitter/Facebook @DonPhelpsFGN. If you read all of that, you are destined for fantasy fame. He also dishes out fantasy advice -- Facebook page @FantasyGuruNation, Instagram and can be heard on various fantasy podcasts. In his spare time, he is the Digital Marketing/SEO Strategist for a local Austin, TX area business.

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